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We Cook, You Relax
(& you look awesome in the process!)

If you're looking for the perfect catering for your next event, you better believe that Hubby's Dog House is who you'll want to hitch with. From Birthday Parties to graduations, weddings, funerals, office lunches, happy hour, holiday parties, film shoots, promotions, school celebrations, animal shelter events, get the picture. We do it all!

And we literally do it all - We'll drive a hot dog cart to you, unload and set it up, cook fresh on-site, supply the food trays & napkins, then clean it all up and be on our merry little way. It's more than just hot dogs - it's the Full Chicago Experience!

The only thing you need to do is show us where to set up, enjoy this amazing food and have an incredible time with your guests. We'll handle the rest!

Now, wouldn't you agree that this is the kind of Hubby we all want or aspire to be?

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With both indoor and outdoor carts available, we can bring the
charm of summertime in Chicago to you all year long. 
Small gatherings or large sha-bangs, we can feed any event!

CLICK HERE  Do-It-Yourself Tabletop cart info


Cart catering inquiries:
Marci Lehnert -
*Due to the high volume of events, email must be used as communication for reference and accuracy.

serving only the best!